Synthesis & Synergy // Cover Art and Track Listing

Are you excited yet?

I am! Just a few hours to go before the release of Synthesis & Synergy!

We broke open the mirrorball and this is what we found inside...

Above you will see the very pretty album artwork. Me with my tinsel-ish falsies, and Matt with his trademark smirk. Yes, a reasonably good representation of what’s in the album…

Track Listing:

01. Synergy
02. Laser [Lonely Universe]
03. Stiletto Stamina [Synergy Acoustic Version]
04. Cat Got Cream [Unravelled]
05. Connexion
06. Flash Cannon!
07. Laser [CRYSTAL BOY! Club Mix]
08. Render Reality
09. Mister Inventor [Synthesis Remaster]

As you can see, we have one new original track called Connexion which will serve as a connecting track, transitioning between my folky, acoustic sounds and Matt’s ravey electro arrangements. The first track, Synergy, is a reworking of Intro from Mirrorball Swing with some new lyrics. It features a very pretty glockenspiel sound courtesy of my fabulous friend, Suzanne who let me borrow it for recording.

I’ll be posting again tomorrow to generally celebrate and ruminate about the various concepts in the EP (mini-album? double EP deluxe package?). I sincerely hope you enjoy what we have made.

Be sure to check our YouTube channel tomorrow afternoon as we will be making a video appearance once more and announcing some very exciting things…

See you there!

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