NEW TEASER // The Beginning

You know what? This teaser video turned out to be so good as to warrant blogging about it separately.

The Beginning is the name of our new, epically dramatic, completely over-the-top rave song, and the video is a little taster of what the full music video will look like.

When you compare this to the work we first started doing last year… well, there is no comparison. You almost wouldn’t know we were the same people, musically, visually… Our working relationship has also changed.

There was a time I used to let Matt’s enthusiasm carry me along somewhat. I still hadn’t let go of my various issues with writing and singing. I knew deep down it was what I wanted to do, but I had an overwhelming burden labelled ‘You Shouldn’t Really Do This’ strapped to my back and it hindered me from investing my true personality in my work.

This has since changed. This is who I mean by Sister Sparkle. She is an exaggerated expression of my creative self, and boy is she mad for those years I wasted hiding away in fear…

I’ve never had a proper stage name before. At least, not one that was attached to a group project. I quite like the idea of us being announced as a duo with those names: Crystal Boy! and Sister Sparkle.

We have arrived!

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