Remix & Cover Competition // WINNERS


We had five glorious entires in total in a broad range of styles and approaches.  We are so lucky to have fans like you! You do stuff; cool stuff!


Troll The FlashBoxx – David ‘Zchek’ Becket
A bizarre but beautiful abomination/masterpiece (I haven’t quite decided) using BOOMBOXX as its base and sampling that old chestnut, Troll Me from my CarylCake days. Dave, you are a nutter.

BoomBoxx (Muggs Majandhra Mix) – Muggs Majandhra
To use Matt’s words, this one is an ‘absolute banger’.

PxP (K’s Circle Mix)
– Kimmo
An experimental take on PxP with some samples from other songs stitched in for good measure.


Laser (Cosmic Cover) – Amanda Milam
A thoughtful and emotive interpretation of the original. I had no idea you could sing, Amanda, so mad props to you!

Mister Inventor
– Sarah LaCroix
Sarah doing what she does best with this dramatic acoustic cover. Matt said it sounded like the end music for a Glitter Punch movie… Just imagine the credits rolling!



And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… *drumroll*

☆ WINNER (REMIX) – Muggs Majandhra

★ WINNER (COVER) – Sarah LaCroix

Congratulations, guys! Matt will be designing your epic specs very soon. Please post pictures of you rocking them!

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