Vox Artis: First and Second Singles

It’s finally happening! I’m showing Vox Artis to the big wide world!

This week I made my version of Andrew Huang’s I Might Have Heard Your Words available for free download from bandcamp.

I Might Have Heard Your Words
Breaking a long period of silence...

Today I am releasing the mighty Micropause! You can buy it now, or wait until the full album is out, it’s up to you…

It's your new favourite power ballad!

Track description:

Micropause is a bit of a rescue tune. I wrote it in a non-committal sort of way on the back end of 2005, borrowing very heavily from another song by Andrew Huang called Your Heart (released under the alias SPOKESMAN). Realising I was basically plagiarising (!), I adjusted the verse melody while adding a dramatic falsetto chorus and a more Caryl-esque bridge.

If you play the two songs together they actually sound quite pleasant. Try it.

And make sure you buy SPOKESWOMAN. It’s a fairytale for the ears.


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