NEW TRACKS // Stay With Me & Champagne POP!

Stay With Me

Stay With Me

Firstly I must apologise for not having blogged about this song. It’s terrible of me, really. We had some deadlines at work, not to mention a lot of things going on for the Christmas season, but I’ve managed to steal a few moments while visiting family up North, so I will rectify this now.

Stay With Me is the third song in our December series. It’s a bit more laid back, kind of sad in tone, with a pinch of dance-ability.

We also took a great deal of inspiration from a particular Perfume song. That’s where I got the ‘oohs’ from that can be heard in the intro. If you’re curious, give it a listen here.



Champagne POP!

And now, for the grand finale!

Champagne POP! is possibility one of the best examples of how Matt and I work our respective styles together into a song.

We wrote this one some time ago now and it has been through a few iterations. We have settled on a proper club banger with bursts of pretty, bubbly pop.

The track goes up at midnight tonight and will then be available for free download from SoundCloud for a limited time! This is so you can download it and play it at your local New Years Eve party, but then it will be back to ‘for listening only’ afterwards while we continue work on the rest of the album.

So, see you again at midnight! Can’t wait for you to hear this one. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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