VEDF 2013: Day 1

This year I will be doing a Video Every Day in February.

My name is SkrillCake.

This is something I have tried before with mixed results. Last time I did it in tandem with my music and YouTube friend, Sarah LaCroix in order to stay motivated. It was a huge help, so upon her suggestion via Twitter earlier this week, I leapt at the chance to try again.

VEDF 2013 is a multimedia project full of sounds and images that all contributing to a particular narrative and to eventually culminating in a multi-genre composition on day 28.

Video 1, I | THE POLYMUSE MANIFESTO is my way of introducing the theme of this year’s creative exploits. The other videos will be much more abstract, probably without me talking and only occasionally featuring myself.

Each sound in the video will have a place in the music on the last day. It will be a nice little game for those watching along to pick out each instrument or sound in the final piece and say, “Aha, that’s the saucepan from day 17!” (NB, there will be no saucepan noise on 17th February, but you get the idea…).

I hope you will enjoy watching this month. I am letting you into a little corner of my head for a few days, so be prepared for a little madness and a good heap of whimsy.

Watch the first instalment here:

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