New Project 2013/14

A labour of love
A labour of love

I am working on a new album! *cue marching band and ticker-tape parade*

In fact, I have been working on this new album since the beginning of the year. However, considering my abysmal track record for releasing music regularly, I decided to keep it a secret.

So, what changed to make me announce it now?

It may sound trivial, but it’s because I have finished making all the drum tracks for every one of the 12 songs that require one (14 tracks in total). This is a massive achievement for me as it means I have the basic bones of every song on the album, and I did it all within six months!

That said, I still have to be wise about how I’ll leak information and tease bits of audio. This time around I’m going to do it right in terms of marketing and promotion. Last time was a bit secretive, which is exactly the opposite of what you want when promoting something!

My problem with Vox Artis is that I wasn’t sure if I liked what I had made. There were some tracks I was really proud of, but others that I completed and released just to put them ‘out of their misery’, so to speak. This new album is very different to that. Yes, some of the songs are old (two from 2004), but they are songs I feel will benefit from a full arrangement and a proper release. There are also new songs written since I began recording. This album feels like it has some life and energy about it, not least because I have a clear target audience this time.

I am going back to my roots in many ways as this will be a ‘Christian music’ release, if you want to call it that. The playlist is a mixture of personal songs about faith, happy-clappy congregational praise songs, and hymn-like anthems.

While I’m sure I’ll be alienating some of my religiously apathetic fans and friends in terms of lyrics, it’s my goal to make arrangements and melodies that will transcend that and translate into ‘fun music to listen to’, regardless of the words. I suppose most Christians have to mentally filter the lyrics of songs whose overall sound they might enjoy, so perhaps this is the inverse of that..? Having said that, I’d still like to be able to share what I believe through my songs. I don’t want to make excuses for that. A good artist writes with integrity, and I want to be a good artist.

So, what can I share about this release?

    • It has 14 tracks (12 core tracks, and 2 bonus tracks)
    • The overall themes are sacrificial love, intimacy, awe and restoration
    • One of the songs will feature a guest vocalist
    • The album will be 100% self-produced in my cosy little home
    • There will be a digital and physical release, most likely using iTunes and Amazon MP3 for digital purchase
    • The title begins with an L!

I hope you are feeling as excited about this as I am! Out of all the musical disciplines, I’d have to say recording songs is my favourite.

This ‘L‘ album will be a labour of love!

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