NEW RELEASE 14.02.14 // Mirrorball Swing Remastered

Mirrorball Swing Remastered by Glitter Punch - Album Artwork
Doing them tunes justice!

Hey, remember when I was in Glitter Punch with Matt Slade and we recorded and released our debut album?

Well, apparently, plenty of you do, because the moment you got a sniff of the news we were releasing a remastered version, you guys got a bit excited!

As we all know, Matt has gotten rather good at this whole production lark in the few years since recording the album (and he’s releasing his debut album thingy soooon!), and he thought it was high time to go back and give those songs the proper treatment in terms of mastering. I have heard the new versions, and goodness, they’re sounding good! My high notes ring out, the bass growls, the percussion and high synths are sparkly. Really does the songs justice.

The album artwork links to our Bandcamp page, but if you’re reading this before February 14th, it won’t link to much just yet, so watch this space!

We decided we wanted to give you guys the opportunity to download the music in a lossless format, and Bandcamp is a really good platform for this. We are also giving you the option to pay what you want for the music by using Bandcamp’s ‘Name Your Price’ option.

Back to the album artwork… I really like how the ‘lasers’ are now in complimentary secondary colours this time around, hinting that it’s slightly matured from the CMYK colour theme we had when we debuted.

When I look back on the work we did, I’m just so happy it all happened the way it did. These days we are still talking about the work we want to do together, the song ideas we have, and we have become really good friends. Glitter Punch has made me happy, and the songs we make are making friends and fans happy, too. I can’t think of anything better than that, really.

If you fancy listening to some happy, bassy, dancy tracks this Friday, 14th February, please download our remastered album and disco the night away!

Out Friday, 14th February, 2014

Only on Bandcamp

While you’re waiting, why not watch our latest update video?

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