New Video – Thoughts #1: No Time Like the Present

In which I talk about current activities, pregnancy, and making stuff.



Have you noticed something a little bit different about me? I am 37 weeks pregnant today (and for all you non-pregnancy-having people out there that’s about 8 months), and from this point on I could go into labour any stage. So what better time to start making videos again?

I’ve been on maternity leave for a week and a half now, and there’s only so much you can do around the house before you think, “Ehh, I kinda need to take up some of my old hobbies again.”

I’ve got some free time! Guess I’ll make a video or two…

But more seriously, I do want to get back into making music videos and promoting music online, that kinda thing. You may have noticed that I’ve started blogging again at my official website – I’m a pro!

I hope you like the funky titles at the beginning. There is some logic behind that. I’d like to make videos of lots of types, but also have a little bit of structure. For example, today’s video is classed as a ‘thought’. I also want to take more suggestions from people who are watching so I’d have a special category for that.

Obviously I still want to do songs. I’ll probably do a lot more live setup, recording new material. Instead of making not-so-great-sounding things where I’ve just ripped the audio from my camera, I want to set everything up properly with my now actually industry standard microphones…

The fourth category is kinda like a wild card thing. You just don’t know what’s gonna happen! It’s gonna be crazy! …Or it could just be a cover or a remix. Or it could be just a completely different type of video that I’ve not tried before. You’ve got to have a catch-all category and I want to make it look exciting so it’s got question marks on it.

I’m gonna leave it there, but in the meantime, leave me comments and suggestions and things. And I hope you’ll continue watching me again after I abandoned you for the best part of two years..!

Bye bye!


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