Fantasy Future Releases IV: Spring Update

Hello, it’s me again, here to give you an update about what’s been going on music-wise in recent months.

Here’s the lowdown:

Digital Delight

I’m pleased to say Digital Delight is out there and living and breathing happily. I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Digital Dread is an internet pop classic.

Shy (The Homemaker Sessions)

I recorded most of this album in one day. It features a host of recently penned acoustic tracks including Good People and Suburban Explorer.

The title track, Shy, didn’t appear in this release, so I renamed it The Homemaker Sessions. I’ve still got the track, waiting on my hard drive. It will no doubt appear on a future release but I haven’t fleshed out that idea yet.

I’m making a music video for Suburban explorer using some photos I took as part of the promotional shoot. Not sure when that will be done but I’m about a third of the way through it.

All the Way to Yesterday

This one didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped it would. My guitar is a bit messy on the first track and my vocals leave something to be desired on the September Again remix, but the important thing is I got it out there in the big wide world. That’s how I described my ambitions for the future, to make lots of short, agile releases that I could complete more quickly.


Unfortunately this one suffered the ravages of time and I had some data loss in the Audacity project file. However I was able to piece together some of the missing audio using the videos I had made for VEDF 2013 and I got a track together.

I added some separate tracks from the project and released the EP as Polymuse.


Five tracks that didn’t make it on to Vox Artis. I got some positive feedback for this one so it seems there’s some interest in my behind the scenes material.

Early Songs

I haven’t recorded any of my older material yet, but I did release some early recordings to YouTube. You can watch that video here:

Music Practice

This is a new idea. I wanted to release all the audio I recorded while working on my degree in Music Practice. I’ve had some interest in this so I’m glad its out there.

Love Consume Me

I’ve released a bonus track from this album called Cry Holy. I happened to have completed all the recording so I finished the mixing and mastering last night. You can listen to it on SoundCloud:

Still to record:

Semi-Precious Sounds
One Day Soon
Glorious Storyboards
Early Songs

All in all I’m quite pleased with my progress. Especially considering I have responsibilities at home at the moment and no time or space to record. However I am hatching a plan to see if I can get some recording time but that’s all very top secret!

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