Secret Plans…

Love Consume Me

I’m making all sorts of schemes of late.

I’ve decided it’s time I got my biggest release out of the way, my 12-track (plus bonus tracks) contemporary Christian album, Love Consume Me.

But Caryl, you might say, how are you possibly going to do that now you don’t have a recording space or any time? Well, my friend, I’ll have you know I’ve been brewing some secret plans. I’ve asked permission at my church and they are letting me use their lounge space for recording. So on Monday nights every fortnight after the little one goes to bed I’ll be trundling down with my brother, equipment in tow, to Emmanuel Church to get some work done.

I don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take me to complete it at this rate but at least I’ll be making progress week by week. In between recording sessions I’ll be doing the editing. While I’m recording I’ll do the bear minimum of editing and mixing so I can maximize my time in the ‘studio’.

But wait! There’s more! I’ve also taken up running again. I want to lose this baby weight, get fit and increase my lung capacity for singing. I’ve lost quite a lot of power and control due to lack of practicing so I’m hoping to get all that back.

I still need to find my pop guard… Wonder where it is…

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