Introducing Potential Energy: New Concept Album, and First Ever Mixtape

If you’ve been following my personal blog recently, you’d know I’ve embarked on another series of projects under the title of Potential Energy. I’m working on two new releases, and a few things that will lead up to them.

My Glorious Return to YouTube

I have two music videos in the works, one for Suburban Explorer (from The Homemaker Sessions), and one for Digital Dread (from Digital Delight). The first will be a short version, a verse and a chorus. The latter I’m hoping to make into a really nicely produced full length music video.

I have the concept, the props, and some stop motion footage at the ready. All I need is a few toddler-free afternoons, an empty room and to bring my as yet unused new camera into commission. I’m hoping to have Digital Dread ready in time for December which will be, serendipitously, my ten-year YouTube Anniversary! Or at least, ten years since I uploaded my first original song there.

I’d also like to make some kind of ten year celebration video or a roundup or something. I’m not entirely sure what that will look like yet, but I’ve started making a list, and where there’s a list, there’s… an attempt to complete a task!

My Lovely List
Evidence of my advanced list addiction


Concept Album: Loved & Lost

I’ve been dropping hints and posting things here and there to indicate I’m working on a new full-length album entitled, Loved & Lost.

The concept is, as you might imagine, a chronology of love stories written throughout my life. Not only romantic love, but also close friendship. There’s a lot about letting go. It’s probably kind of depressing given that it starts with a break-up, and then makes a pseudo-resolution with a (fictional, I must stress) song about revenge and reclamation of a broken heart.

However, it’s a pleasurable sort of depressing. The kind that has a satisfying tug at the heartstrings. It’s cathartic, perhaps therapeutic. At the very least, that’s how it’s been for me, and in my experience, if I’m feeling a certain way about a release, that’s the way it will translate to you, my lovely, long-suffering listeners!

It’s also gonna be a long boi. It’s a big ol’ 17-track monster of a thing. And all the tracks are longer than two minutes. I’m roping in the fluorescent Matt Slade (AKA CRYSTALxBOY) to produce a couple of the songs and master the record once it’s done. It’s going to be a real labour of love, and also a way I intend to prove to myself that I can see something through to the end and stick to my initial vision.

This brings me neatly to my next whacky scheme…

Making a Mixtape

As I might have mentioned a while back, I’ve been teaching myself to rap. Now, I know I’m not exactly what you think of when you’re asked to imagine a rapper (short, white, 30-something, mother and Lancashirewoman), but there’s just something about the delivery that matches how I’m feeling at the moment (both creatively and mentally).

Now, this is much more of a flight of fancy for me rather than a measured and well planned project (such as Loved & Lost). I already have more than ten tracks together and I’m writing lyrics and hooks for each. It’s a lot of fun sampling my old and unreleased material to make new beats.

I’ve been teasing bits and pieces of rhyme and rhythm with my arty friends and musician buddies. So far I’ve had good feedback. One of the problems I’ve been having is that I want to, for example, rap in fast triplets, but since I’ve never really had to fit that many words into a bar before, I’m tripping over myself. It reminds me of when I first started writing more complex piano music and while I knew how it should sound, I wasn’t a good enough pianist to actually perform it!

A New Persona

Every rapper needs a rap moniker. I mean, I guess I could stick with my main stage name, but where’s the fun in that? I toyed with ‘c-arch’, ‘Sea Arch’, ‘sea~arch’, but I’ve settled on a slightly more enigmatic, ‘s~earch’.

So, my bandcamp page for s~earch can be found here. So far I have only one instrumental up, but there’s more to come.

I know I’m going to be awful, truly I do. But I’m just having so much fun and I want to share that with you! It will also be nice to reach out to new music communities, the ones outside the ‘acoustic pop’ crowd and the ‘electro house’ fans.

My new rap persona, s~earch

So, here’s to Potential Energy! Hopefully this time I’ll finally be able to show you what’s been tumbling around inside me all these years.


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