NEW SINGLE // First He Came To Her

To round off this year, I’m going to be releasing my first ever Christmas song!

The new single will be called First He Came To Her, and it explores some of the things Mary might have gone through while she carried Jesus and became a mother for the first time.


The single will be available for free streaming and download from my Bandcamp on Wednesday, 20th December.


I will be performing the song live at Emmanuel @ The Mount, Fleetwood on Sunday, 17th December as part of the church service. Please come if you’re in the area!


As well as the original¬†track, I have roped in a few remix artists and producers (who I met through my time working with Glitter Punch) to create their own versions that will be included on the new single. They’re amazing, but I can’t announce who exactly will be doing what as yet since the work is still in progress.


In the meantime, please follow my Instragram account @carylarcher as that is where I post updates most frequently.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. See you again on 20th!

First He Came To Her
New Christmas Single, First He Came To Her

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