2017: Year In Review

It’s time to ring in 2018 with a musical year in review!

Year In Review: Best Nine 2017
Year In Review: My ‘Best Nine’ on Instagram this year

Potential Energy

I named the latter part of this year’s music work as Potential Energy. I chose this name because I felt like I was doing an awful lot of behind-the-scenes work without a lot of reward. In terms of releasing music, I only managed the one single, First He Came To Her. Don’t get me wrong, I had so much personal and public success with it compared to anything I’d ever recorded and released before, but it does feel like a bit of a let down to say ‘I released one single this year’.

Year In Review: Widgets 2017
My fancy widget with colourful CSS hover states.


However, throughout the year I’ve been getting as much organised as I possibly could in preparation for my big plans.

  • I’ve gone through all my formal and informal releases and added track listings with links to the lyrics
  • I’ve made my discography easier to navigate and added ‘widgets’ to the bottom of each page to show up with more releases, rather than adding them at the end by hand (which is never a good look on a website in 2017!)
  • I’ve updated all of my social media profiles to have recent photos, music, and unified promotional materials

My Big Plans

But what exactly are these ‘big plans’ I’m referring to? Of course, I’ve been talking on and off about my CCM magnum opus, Love Consume Me.

But I also have another big release I’d like to get out of the way before starting wholeheartedly on that one. It’s called Loved & Lost, a concept album that chronicles stories from my life about love and friendship. I’m told it’s the sort of stuff that most people will be able to identify with, and I think that’s helpful for anyone, not just me: the one who benefits a great deal from being able to write and record my tumultuous emotional life!

This is something I’ve talked about before, but what I haven’t mentioned yet is how I’m going to get there.

My New Strategy

Through releasing First He Came To Her, I realised something very important. It’s much easier to release a single than an EP, and much easier to generate hype for just one song and a whole bunch that nobody has heard before. Which is why this year I’m going to release four new singles, one per season. Three of these will be songs from Loved & Lost.

What’s Next?

I’ve already recorded my next single and I’m in the process, once again, of sourcing artists who will be willing to produce remixes for the release (if you’re a remix artist or producer, please get in contact with me! I NEED YOU!).

The next single comes out 14th February, 2018. Mark it in your diaries!

And that, my friend, is my year in review, 2017.


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