ANNOUNCEMENT // New Single August 2018: Electric

It’s new single time again! This month I’m releasing my epic electro-rock fusion track, Electric.

Unlike the other new singles so far in this series, this release will have quite a specific sound palette, including lo-fi 808 samples and retro videogame-style bloops and bleeps. Alongside the title track will be two new songs, Wavelength and Bloom.

Let’s take a look at the tracks one by one.


Back when I was writing Electric, I wanted to combine a little of the flavour of the Tron Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk, with a sort of generic pop-metal guitar riff (think debut album Evanescence). I also attempted to write slightly more metal-eque lyrics, making reference to a ‘sacred source’ and ‘demon hordes’. A mixture of old and new territory for me.


Wavelength is a song I salvaged from another project. I kept the backing track, adjusted the arrangement, then added some new lyrics. This was another attempt of mine to transition into a more rap-like style of singing, hopefully leading up to actually being halfway decent at writing and delivering rap verses. We’ll see how well that goes!


I began writing Bloom at 3am on the living room sofa (really more conservatory furniture to be honest) while living in a flat near Telford town centre in 2012. I had sampled a small section of the end of a song in progress called Parting Ways, reversing and looping it. Looking back, it might have been an instance of hypomania, where I didn’t want to sleep and was full of weird and wonderful ideas for sound and lyrics. But in that case I’m happy to report I came to no harm, and was able to build a track in a way I’d never tried before.

I hope you’ll enjoy the sounds I’ve come up with for this release. Onward let us ride, to the rest of Loved & Lost!

Electric will be available for download and streaming Friday, 24th August.

Electric (Single)
Electric (Single)

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