Inside Out

Apparently I’m being Cleopatra now.

You have to congratulate me for having kept these pics under wraps for as long as I have. I went and got my hair done last Wednesday, but decided to keep it offline so I could surprise all my Northern peeps when I came to visit this weekend.

It’s strange what an effect a small thing like changing your hair can have on your attitude. For me it was like I’d had the last bits of teenage awkwardness snipped right off. The new inside self I had been cultivating made an appearance on the outside. I feel that little bit closer to the performer I’d like to be soon…

So, in other news I went to see Matt Slade this morning. After some tasty hot beverages in Preston’s famous oldy timey cafe, we went for a wander around town and happened upon a bird of prey enclosure type thing right inside the shopping centre. There were cute owls! And so I was reminded of this…

As much as we had both intended to do something businessy and worky, it ended up being mostly a fun visit. Though, we did talk about how we were going to approach the release and promotion of our shiny new material. It’s very exciting and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

The Punch is back, people!

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