Stitches & Tangles

From All the Way to Yesterday
From All the Way to Yesterday

I walk to the edges of my garden
I go to the boundaries of my kingdom
And I stare at the corners of my prison
It won’t be long, no it won’t be long

I stretch out to touch the motar and rubble
I’m testing the strength of my little bubble
But I’m resting my plans until I am able
To make a break
Make my escape

I’m gonna follow you wherever you take me
‘Cause I am in love with you and you won’t forsake me
I’m gonna run with you as far as horizons that burn
Oh, they burn…

I tug at the ribbons round my ankles
As I pull at the stitches and the tangles
I’ll slip my way out of these dainty shackles
You’re letting me
Setting me free

© Caryl Archer

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