Defiantly Delicate
From Defiantly Delicate

A flower blooms in the desert
Defiantly delicate
Don’t you know the truth?
Hidden within the deepest wound
The rottenness
That breaks down
Into fertile soil

I am bleeding and flowering
Blood tracks down my fingertips
And drips onto the ground
(The dirt is thirsty)
I am hurting and blooming
Tap the depths for reservoirs
The farther things un-found
The struggle feeds me

I’m weeping streams of water
They won’t stop
I’m allowing it to happen
My heart is cracked open
Like the cracks in the earth
(I don’t need to be healed)
Watch, it’s changing

I am bleeding and flowering
See the trail of seedlings
Springing up around my roots
(The land is eager)
I am straining and crying
Lift my boughs and spread my leaves
These deep reserves employed
Transform and conquer

Transform and conquer

© Caryl Archer