Defiantly Delicate
From Defiantly Delicate

You take me in
When everywhere feels crowded
And every sound is loudened and distorted
I need this place
The space that you’ve provided
My weariness invited and suspended

(I breathe in)
The sweetest air
To shame the spring
(Leave behind)
The needles of the forest floor
(Reaching for)
Intangible realities
(Hold me now…)

Apprehension fleeing
You hold me in my innermost being
Feeling, seeing
You hold me in my innermost being
Thrilling, freeing
You hold me in my innermost being
C’mon hold me in my innermost, innermost

You still my heart
You quiet discontement
My restlessness dispersing and resolving
I need your peace
Your pleasure, and your presence
Creation in its essences revolving

(I breathe in)
And hold my breath in to explore
The treasures on the ocean floor
(Reaching for)
Creative curiousities
(Show me how…)