Waking Song

From Digital Delight
From Digital Delight

Don’t pretend you’re protecting me
From the bitter disappointment that
Comes from risking anything
I used to think you had my
Best interests at heart, but
Everything you’re saying is just
Your way of complaining

But now and then
It seeps under my skin
And tells me to give in
They start again
The cycles of the psyche
Mechanics of the mind
And, if you don’t mind…

You’ve tried my patience, dear
And this time I say
I opened up my eyes
To find my waking song

I’m sure
You think you are perfecting me
With your list of criticisms
Unsolicited opinions
Accepting you would be rejecting freedom
Can you sense my trepidation?
You don’t mask your irritation

I need a friend
Somebody I could trust
To pull me when I’m pushed
I’ll start again
I need to get this right
And if it keeps me up all night
I really don’t mind

© Caryl Archer