EpFormat: EP, physical
Released: February 2008
Duration: 15:00


“For me, this ‘release’ represents hopes crushed and confidence rebuilt.

“I once played a gig in an over-crowded pub in Blackburn for the benefit of my friend’s band who needed a supporting act. Perhaps I should have declined as I was unsure of the idea, but I thought that being a writer and recording artist meant you had to do gigs, taking every opportunity.

“At the advice of my then boyfriend, I decided to make a short run of handmade CDrs with previews of songs and the odd messy acoustic piece. I called it ‘EP’ since there wasn’t much else I could say about it.

“On the night of the gig I was too scared to hand them out, only selling one to my brother who had come along to see me, and giving one other to a drunken fellow who tried, in slurred speech, to impart his wisdom, advising me not to sing while the Six Nations was on.

“I felt completely foolish. Had I done the wrong thing?

“It was some time before I got my confidence back for recording, many years in fact, but I think it is important I keep a record of this ‘non-release’ to remind me of how much I have learned and what I have yet to accomplish.”


Written and produced by Caryl Sumner.

Track Listing

1. The Girl
2. September Again
3. When You’re Ready
4. Forget & Sleeping Beast (Previews)

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