Best Day

I used to think you were the one
Yours was the voice inside my head
Questioning every movement that I made
Easier to blame it on you
Than search in myself for answers and clues
I let you in, but only to help explain
Tumbling down Falling without so much as a word
Or much less a scream to defend me
Silently I slid, and hid

Lucky for you I was so blue
All of your words soaking me through
Must have been fun to finally win your games
Over the years
Masking my fears with silent replies
I wonder how long you were laughing
Bitter is the taste of wasted time

Not on my best day
Not on my best day
You wouldn’t stand a chance
Against me now
Spoke/Woke up and replied
To the enemy inside
Identified the source of sorrow
Turned and tried to find tomorrow
Writing off the time I’d borrowed
Just like that
Now I’m back…

I used to think it was the cold
Winter would watch my heart growing old
Brittle within the fallacy of my frame
Wait for the sun
That’s what I kept on telling myself
And everything’s sure to be better
Precious are the lies we prize
In our minds But…

Bitter is the taste of wasted time