If That Isn’t Love

If That Isn't LoveFormat: Single, digital download
February, 2018
Duration: 24:53


An ‘anti-valentine’ of sorts, released 14th February. A song for those who love with all they have, even when they know they will one day be forgotten.


Written and produced by Caryl Archer. Artwork by VFXFREEK, edit and typography by Caryl Archer.

Lyric video made in collaboration with BezierPostBot 0000.

With special thanks to Emmanuel @ The Mount for the use of their building for the filming of the music video.

Track Listing

1. If That Isn’t Love | 4:12
2. Don’t Wanna Be Touched | 3:16
3. If That Isn’t Love (Ichigo Chill Mix) Feat. Muggs Majandhra | 4:14
4. If That Isn’t Love (Love Anthem Dub) Feat. Kimmo Matias | 5:44
5. If That Isn’t Love (Instrumental) | 4:12
6. Don’t Wanna Be Touched (Instrumental) | 3:15



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