Last Dance

Format: Single, digital download
Released: May, 2018
Duration: 24:11


Last Dance is a moody ballad featuring fuzzy basslines and lo-fi string and percussion samples.

The B-side, Shy, is an older song of Caryl’s that has finally been given its chance to shine as a supporting track. The soft indie rock vibe underpins crooning vocals and angelic harmonies.

Anxiety Trip (Panic Mix) is an experiment of an experiment, a crunchy, uptempo re-imagining of one of the highlights of Caryl’s SoundCloud tinkerings from 2014.


Written and produced by Caryl Archer. Artwork and photography by Caryl Archer.

Track Listing

1. Last Dance| 4:13
2. Shy | 4:00
3. Anxiety Trip (Panic Mix) | 2:01
4. Shy (Video Version) | 3:44
5. Last Dance (Instrumental) | 4:12
6. Shy (Instrumental) | 4:01
7. Dazzling Fragments | 2:00


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