Ancient Hands

From Love Consume Me
From Love Consume Me

When you take something
In your ancient hands
You already know what it’s destined to become
Would you take me now
In your hands, oh Lord
I am tired of guessing now

I’ve been waiting, Lord
I have waited long
I have gathered up my courage now

When you look upon
All that’s left of me
It won’t wonder you just where to begin
‘Cause when you take something
In your ancient hands
There is light
There is life
There is strength
There is hope


Won’t you take me up and show me how
To shine brightly as your grace allows?

Won’t you take my life
In your ancient hands
as your love demands
and embrace my all
In your sweet romance
Make my spirit dance…

You have swept away these ashes now
Does there gold remain to make a crown?

© Caryl Archer