Last Dance

From the single, Last Dance

Final song, the lights come on
And I just missed my only chance to dance with you
It isn’t in my way to try
To rearrange the circumstance to be with you

I know that you’ll be leaving soon
And I can barely stand with you in the same room
I’ll tell myself I need some time
And watch the final minutes as they pass me by

Why should it be
So hard to breathe?
It’s only you, it’s only you, my dear
Look into me!
Each time we meet
It’s always mine, it’s always my idea

My head is full of fire alarms
My doubts are what I’m finding hardest to believe
I gesture with my open arms
But you misunderstand me as you turn to leave

I guess it’s now or never, dear
Before the moment disappears
My body overcome with fear
My mind, at last, begins to clear
I’m reaching out my hands to you
I ask if I could dance with you
The smile that greets my eyes
Is all I needed

© Caryl Archer