From The Homemaker Sessions
From The Homemaker Sessions

There was something about you
That annoyed me from the get-go
Now I am paying the price
For keeping you around
The was something in your demeanor
That unnerved me from the outset
And now I’m regretting
Ever letting you inside
Ever letting you inside

My kindness can’t extend to compromise
So please respect my choice to sever ties
I’m trying to be wise about this
I’ve plenty of tries to get this right

There’s a habit I adopted
When surrounded by aggressors
I attempted to make a friend of he
Who sought to bring me down
A defensive mechanism
That was met with mixed reception
Repercussions that result
From keeping enemies on side
Keeping enemies on side

Respect the sacred spaces of people you call friends
If you can’t understand then this is where discussion ends
You blew too many chances for us to make amends
It won’t be me who bends
This is my heart to defend

© Caryl Archer