Vox Artis

Vox Artis

Format: Mini-album, digital download
December 2012
Duration: 28:51


“Vox Artis is a quiet triumph. This is music… pressed, pushed, screwed up, thrown away, picked up, flattened out, and re-imagined. Music that survived. Music that wouldn’t let me let go.”


All songs written and produced by Caryl Archer except track 5, written by Andrew Huang.

Track Listing

1. 12:26 | 4:23
2. Sleeping Beast | 5:34
3. State of Alert | 3:38
4. Aftermath | 0:51
5. I Might Have Heard Your Words | 3:34
6. Micropause | 3:24
7. Primary Concern | 3:10
8. This Chance (Acoustic) [BONUS] | 4:17


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