State of Alert

Vox Artis
From Vox Artis

What’s the state of alert now?
What’s the state of alert now?

We have got to stand together on this one
‘Cause I am tired of holding this fight alone
Sticks and stones
Flesh and bone
All of creation groans
I can’t be on my own
So come on talk to me
You say you’ve got a dream
But have you got a plan
‘Cause we could use a plan right now

Hold, hold your position
Prioritise your mission
This is where it starts
And if the state of alert alarms you
Don’t let the rumours charm you
Only believe in the one
Who holds control

State of Alert
Single Artwork

I know that it’s been said
Our kindness harms the poor
But there is more to this than the politics
Just take a look at this generation
Feel their frustration
Thirsty for vision
And I’m not gonna wait for permission
We gotta get up
Wherever there’s a need
You know that there’s a call
That I refuse to ignore

© Caryl Archer