In My Hands


(Would you ever?)

Why would you ever want me now?
Is there a reason for you
To even speak to me?
I’ve thought this through that’s how
I’ve come to understand
This isn’t in my hands

And you don’t know
Just how wonderful you are to me
And the unusual and beautiful things that I see
When I look at you, yeah, when I do
There’s something in the pit of my stomach
That doesn’t wanna let you go
Let you go


Doesn’t it show? How it takes me all my time
And energy
To be cool and calm and casual when you’re with me
But it hurts me bad, makes me so mad at nothing
Gotta keep my composure
So I’m just gonna let this go
Let it go

I’ve thought this through and now
I’ve come to understand
This isn’t in my hands

© Caryl Archer

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