Messing With My Mind


What are you doing to me
Why are you acting like this
Didn’t you know it’s not right for you
To treat me this way
I opened my heart up to you
Because of the trust that we had
Now you’re confusing me
Is this just a game to you?
‘Cause this isn’t a game to me

Don’t you know that you could break me with a word
And can’t you see your irresponsibility is driving me
Away from you and to the edge of sanity
Stop messing with my mind

You make it sound as though you gave me every chance to confess
But I can’t deal with this right now because my head’s in a mess
I’ve got deep reserves but I don’t deserve to have this reversed
And twisted back on me
If I’m so-inclined to give you the signs
And feed you the lines
That would make you mine
What is it to you
If I make you mine

© Caryl Archer