A while ago you may remember me writing about wanting to record a cover of the song ‘I Might Have Heard Your Words’ by this gentleman, and how upon showing my recording to this guy I know, we were prompted to start work on a GPP version.

Well, we finished it today!

People seem to like it so far. It’s certainly moody, stompy, and contains some very dramatic sounding strings that hint at what we might be creating in the near future… That is, totally epic stuff!

We’re going to make some more songs soon! *cue mini dance party* It’s been kind of unavoidable. The problem is we keep talking to each other, sharing our solo work, swapping musical and visual ideas, giggling over hilarious song titles, then before you know it we have four brand new songs in the works. Madness. I’m enjoying it very much, though.

In other news we also had our first ever fan remix by our amazingly loyal and active fan, Feyhd (also known as mash-up/remix artist Muggs Majandhra who cites our own Matt Slade as an influence of his work). Apart from mashing Laser up with this track to create this little piece of heaven, he also stuck Cat Got Cream on his electro house mix. What a dude!

A long while ago he asked me for the vocal and piano parts I had recorded for my piano version of Laser as featured in episode 3 of Inside the Mirrorball. It took me ages to respond to his message (bad, Admin Girl!), but I eventually got the files to him and he came up with this rippling behemoth of a mix:

Really nice remix name, too. Cosmic noise… Me gusta.

Oh yeah, here’s the cover we did on YouTube for your listening pleasure!

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