Mirrorball Swing Photo Competition // WINNERS

Here is the video of our announcement if you missed it!


Amanda, USA

Congratulations, Amanda! You win an acoustic rendition of a GPP of your choice, performed by my good self, and dedicated to you!


David, UK

Awesome job, David! Your prize is slightly different. Matt will be doing a little musical something just for you!


Josh, USA

Josh, Josh, Joshy, Josh. You should be so proud right now! Your prize is a free copy of each of our upcoming EPs, Synthesis and Synergy. AND an acoustic version of a GPP song of your choice dedicated to you!


We have announced the release date for our EPS! They will be available for download Saturday, 21st July, 2012.

More discerning fans among you will know that this is indeed our first ever Glitterversary! It will have been exactly a year since Matt and I started working together as Glitter Punch Project.

Stay tuned for teasers and other tidbits…

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