Remix & Cover Competition

Remix & Cover Competition

It’s that time again: competition time!

Due to the overwhelming response from our first, closed photo/video competition, we wanted to open up the floor to all of you lovely people for a new challenge – a remix and cover contest.

We know a lot of our listeners are into making their own music, so it seemed appropriate to have our next competition be musical in theme.

We have something extra special lined up for a prize this time: a pair of custom-made shades designed by Matt Slade himself.


  1. Record a remix or cover version of a Glitter Punch Project of your choice. There are no rules about what style, duration, or format you choose, but bear in mind that we’ll need to get access to it easily in order to judge your entry!
  2. Ask us for any instrumentals, acapella vocal tracks, or any other instrument stems that you might need. I can also provide you with chords, lyrics and beats per minute if you don’t fancy working everything out by ear.
  3. Send it to us using whatever avenue you prefer. Write us an e-mail containing a link to your entry (or the entry itself if it is small enough to be attached to an e-mail) to, or tweet us @carylarcher or @mattsladey111, or post it to our Facebook page. We’ll be sure to pick it up, so don’t worry that we won’t find it.
  4. Judging will once again be conducted by myself and Matt. We’ll judge the entries based on creativity and general awesomeness. There will be two categories, remix and cover. However, we know sometimes music doesn’t fit so neatly into these descriptions so we’ll use our best discretion.
  5. Prizes, as mentioned, are custom-made shades from Matt Slade.
  6. Deadline is 1st September, 2012. It’s not that far away so be sure to get started as soon as inspiration hits!
  7. Additional rules for submission: You may submit more than one entry in either or both categories, but you can only win one prize. Mash-ups are allowed and will be included in the remix category.

Good luck to you all. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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