Great Success Meets Perfect Mess

Girl, I’m uglier than you
I can’t hit those high notes like you do
And I don’t fit into the dress you wear
I don’t have your luscious head of hair
I can’t bluff your diva attitude
No, I can’t touch the beauty you exude

Girl, you’re sturdier than me
So I admire your positivity
And I adore your raw tenacity
When you are faced with grim adversity
Please could I catch whatever you have caught
So I can match the fight with which you fought
And reattach my actions with my thoughts again

Girl, you’re worldlier than I
With your brand upon the box they’re sure to buy
And I would die for contacts like you know
Yes, I would cry if just one came to my show
Oh, I can dream for such corporate finesse
So should I scream to see your great success
When I’m a mess
I’m still a mess
But I’m a perfect mess

Girl, it’s clear your life is sweet
You seem to suit the Southeast Asian heat
But in this lonely town that I call home
I’m busy building empires of my own
Please can I get this on the record now
I’m getting set for something sure to wow
So I won’t fret, this is just how I am
And I’m a mess
I’m still a mess
But I’m a perfect mess
I’m still a mess
But I’m a perfect mess

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