Recovering and Rediscovering

Welcome to my music blog! Here I’ll posting bits and bobs that I’ve been doing with my music lately, if nothing else, to keep track of where I’m going. Below is a list of things I’ve done in the last year…

  • Performed in the open mic night at UCCF’s Forum 2006
  • Built a new website from scratch
  • Did my first solo performance at an underground gig in Preston
  • Started a musical influences scrap book
  • Learned to drum a little
  • Made some demo recordings
  • Played bass for a gig in Preston for my degree
  • Come up with the idea for free custom-made 7-track CDs, and sent the first one off to California
  • Been invited to sing some of my own songs at my old school
  • Recorded a 7-track comedy album in one night with a couple of my best friends

All this time I’d thought my writing had been going nowhere this year, but I have actually been doing lots of little, less-noticed things. I think what I really need is to get back into the reasons I started writing in the first place. I really used to enjoy it, but it’s become so stale just this year. I’ve been through a lot of stress, so maybe this next year I’ll spend some time recovering, and rediscovering my reasons for pursuing a career in music.

I pray for God to give me a spiritual kick up the backside!


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