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Lucid Letters is the new artist name for songwriter producer, Caryl Archer. The new name comes as part of REBRAND:2020, an overhaul of image, branding, and sound.


Caryl works in a number of different disciplines. For many years she tried to ‘specialise’ in just one, but found that to be more stifling than freeing. Now she embraces her ‘Jill of all trades’ approach and works on all aspects of her creative process, from penning the songs, to fiddling with the CSS on her website.

Of her four main disciplines, Caryl has been a maker the longest, followed by singer, songwriter, then producer. It is this last skill that she has been working on intensely in recent years. Now she hopes to finally bring industry standard recordings to the table, each one expressing the precise nature of the songs she has written.

Keep your eye out for updates to the website, or follow Caryl on her new Facebook page and rebranded Instagram feed.

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