A Little Risk

I’d like to tell you a little something
That I’ve been hiding for too long now
So if you’ll let me, and in my own words,
I’ll take this time to explain

And I’m sorry that I have been silent so long, but
I’m just a little scared of what you mighty say
I have thought long and hard and I’ve reached the conclusion
You’re worth a little risk
And you’ll be the first risk I’ll take

So here’s the moment, and I will cease it
To tell you just what I think of you
How do I say this without a cliche?
How do I make myself clear?

I’ve tried fighting and hiding, dead-set on forgetting
But everything I did just confirmed what I knew
That the day I first met you I fell for you hard
There; I said it to your face
There; I said it to your face

Hope I’ll be the next risk you take
You take…