Fine Line

[Edit 2010: I’ve changed a few of these lines past the first two lines of the chorus to get at the real things I was feeling behind the words. Right now it seems like a cat-fight over a man, but it was a lot more than that. Bear with me.]

[Hey guys. This is a new song I penned over the weekend. It happened to fit perfectly with an instrumental known only to me as ‘Dm Tune’ until now. Now it has a name and lyrics and everything! All things being equal, it should appear on Album 3 somewhere in the middle.]

Take a moment and breathe
Gotta be careful how I word this
‘Cause I don’t want this thing to be
Any more serious than it already is

As expected I failed
Defensiveness really doesn’t suit you
Don’t drag my feelings into this
‘Cause if you really understood
You’d be able to see

I appreciate the way you feel the need
To comfort and protect me
But if there’s one thing I don’t need
To be protected from the man
That I have chosen, ’cause he loves me
You picked a good time
To cross a fine line

I’m not as weak as you think
There’s action behind the scenes you don’t see
D’you think I’d let him walk on me?
Are you comparing him to somebody else?

So take a moment to breathe, girl
You’re blowing it all out of proportion
Has your experience with love
Produced opinions in your heart
You’re imposing on me?


You disrespectin’ him? You disrespectin’ me
He’s like my flesh and blood, one of my family
You got a problem, girl?
You bring it right to me. [X2]


© 2009 Caryl Sumner, CrossStitch Music

Shout out to my big brother, Paul: Happy Birthday, dude!