The Importance of Schmoozing

Wednesday…  The countdown has begun.  I get my first ‘I’m a grown-up living away from home’ wage packet this Friday, and it’ll come just as my bills are going out, so good timing on that one!

I had late pancakes last night, about 9pm, with my friend and housemate, Vicky.  I had intended for the Daviator to make an appearance, but discovering he had an exam the next day prompted him to take a pleasant evening of revision instead.

I bought 8p dry pancake batter mix from Asda; that’s 8p well spent, if you ask me.  We’re having a second attempt tonight, though this time making it from scratch, and with Mr. Dave present.


I’m going to have a good summer…  It’s decided.


Gonna be famous maybe…  Famous in a small, but perhaps critically acclaimed way. 

‘Critically acclaimed’ is reviewer code for “No one has heard of [Artist], but their music is arty enough to make those beret-wearing music boffins in London rub their chins in deliberation.   And yet I somehow still enjoyed listening to it in the car this morning.”

I’m really looking forward to having a high quality product to sell.  This will be my best work so far.  I’ve learned so much about recording these three years that I can now produce something that sounds pretty convincing even though I’m using budget (or sometimes free!) programmes to create it.

I’m thinking of copying a marketing technique I’ve seen a few artists do, which is to create a ‘street team’ on MySpace.  Then I’d invite the people I know want to support my music, asking them to promote me online, or in ‘RL’ (lol) so I could create a bit of a buzz, however fake.  It’s all about appearances in this industry.  If I can make it look like I’m more famous, or credible, than I am, then people will be more likely to drift towards my work.

Thank you, Mr. Les Gillon, for teaching our class the importance of schmoozing, bluffing, niche marketing, and other deadly sins.

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