I think I have confused myself a bit. Now that I’ve finished Sleeping Beast, I feel the need to finish all my other half-done songs. This may sound like a good thing, but the fact of the matter is that most of these songs belong on my electronica album, and not Honesty.

The one I want to do next is In My Hands. I have a tiny bit of vocals left to do, and possibly some mixing of the instrumental track, and it’s done and dusted.

I think I’m reluctant to start recording anything new because I have so much of a backlog from the past four years. How can I start strumming away at an acoustic pop track when I have some experimental hip hop waiting for my attention?

This also begs the question, should I release Honesty this year, or continue with Album 3? It would be nice to give the people something different, but at the same time, the songs on Honesty are old and dying to be dusted off.

I think the only solution is to keep going with whatever I want at the time. I’ll get them all done eventually!

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