Incessant List-Making

[Please note these entries were first written as a .txt file during those more boring periods of the day where I run out of work]

When did I get to like old people so much? Some of them are so cute on the phone; they make me smile.


Working here makes me eager to do music. This Sunday afternoon will probably consist of me re-establishing my Internet presence after these few days of ‘new job fatigue’. I tried recording vocals for Sleeping Beast last night, then relented and tried backing vocals, before giving up completely. At tea time I’d burned my tongue on a hot piece of courgette, and the resulting dry mouth and throat meant there was just no point in trying.

Maybe I’ll be energetic enough soon to start recording things again in the evenings. I really need to have a clear-out of my Audacity files because there are half-finished songs left right and centre. I should probably rearrange my folders too, so I know where to find everything quickly.

Part of me really wants to start something new. I’m tired of having the same list of songs being perpetually written down in different orders only to be left in their incomplete states. That being said, I’d still like to write the following list.

Things to do after Sleeping Beast:

1) I think I’d like to do In My Hands next, since I’m pretty much done with the vocals and everything, just a bit of ad lib and harmony on the last chorus to go!

2) 12:26 Need some acoustic guitar, piano, and vocals. A pretty straightforward song, so nothing to worry about there.

3) Among the Ruins I didn’t think this would end up being on the album, but the more I think about it, the more it corresponds to the electronica/R&B thing I’ve got going on. It might even solve a few problems with the track listing. I’ll need to record some better electric/acoustic guitar here and there, and deal with that crazy key change at the end, but I think it could turn out pretty well given the chance.

I’d like to write a song about caring for orphans and widows… I was just thinking before how I really enjoy my job because I’m able to help people access the resources they need. And I was reminded of the many verses in the old testament about the links between God’s favour for the Israelite people, and the amount of care they gave to the more vulnerable members of the community.

It would be a celebratory song about how awesome old people are. I can’t imagine having that many years in my memory; to have been a 1930s art deco-looking chick as a teen, to have survived a world war, to have watched the moon landing on TV, and then seen the first black president in office.

That’s an amazing set of memories right there. I hope I live to be in my early 90s, though I hope me and Dave look after each other well enough to be in good health when we get to that age. Will I die before him? Will we go within a few days of each other? I sit back and marvel at these things. So many years…

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