Naive & Invincible

Everyone’s a critic
And everyone’s an expert these days
So why do I permit it
If staying silent wastes me away

It feels so strange to have changed
To such a degree
That I don’t recognise me
Year after year facing fear
And singing anyway
What happened to those days?
When I was

Naive and invincible
I had a message for this world
I had a land to conquer
And I turned it upside down
These hands were made
For making more
And I would always say
What I don’t know can’t hurt me

Every girl is pretty
And sings so sweetly
With her guitar
So what’s the hope for me
If strumming chords
Don’t get you that far?

Tried to give you something new
To satiate your claims
That my intentions were the same
Now I am through with this ruse
I’ll do it my own way
Returning to those days
When I was

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