Experiment Week 2

I write this while trying my best not to nod off into a summer sickness coma.

Yesterday Dave came down with some virus or other. The kind where you can’t move out of your bed and ache all over. I was looking after him like a boss, but then when the afternoon came I found myself slipping into a similar state of bedridden-ness.

So here I sit in my pajamas forcing myself to complete my new weekly ritual of reviewing my week living as a musician. Onward!

Objectives for this week:

  • Complete the Introducing CarylCake video to be uploaded 28th June
  • Lay down piano track for Among the Ruins
  • Lay down vocals for In My Hands
  • Record quirky sound effect for use at the end of vlogs and the like (much like this)
  • Film [Your Name Here] and explain concept and ‘rules. Upload 1st July and leaves as video response to Open Letter to YouTube

Things I actually completed this week:

  • Filming and uploading [Your Name Here]

Ahem. Well. It’s been a productive week, hasn’t it? Maybe I should go into a bit more detail here and there.

I didn’t lay down any piano, but I did do a lot of piano rehearsal for my own songs as well as some covers I’m working on for YouTube projects.

I’ve decided I don’t really need a sound effect or jingle or anything for vlogs. Sometimes it’s better just to leap straight in with the topic and leave and bumf til the end. A nice background picture and my blog URL will suffice for now.

My YouTube uploads seem to be gathering some steam again. I’m hoping this Tuesday’s song will get a good reception.

Here’s hoping…


0 thoughts on “Experiment Week 2

  1. Sarah The Awesome says:

    I also had a rather unproductive week, but managed to accomplish a lot. Yay!

    I’m really hoping my YouTube videos will also start getting more views and stuff. *sigh* soon enough I’ll have internet at home again.


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