It’s too beautiful a day
To see myself crying
To feel myself shaking
I just need somewhere to be
And someone to be with
Who I can be free with
I thought I was stronger than this
But lately it’s all I can do just to breathe
I only feel strong in your midst
My confidence fading, I’m trading it
All in for this

Over and over
I hear your voice keeps calling out to me
“Beloved return to me”
I know you love me
But I’ve been so unfaithful to you, Lord
How can I turn
How can I come
When I feel so unworthy

Talking is the hardest thing
When words feel like mountains
My eyes dusty fountains
But I lift these eyes to see
The answer above me
The signs you still love me
My worldly experiment failed
I’ve been to the brink, to the edge
And it’s cold
There’s nothing back there for me now
The past is forgotten and rotten
It’s time I came home

You are worthy

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