Double Album??

After much thought and deliberation, it has become clear to me that I should release and album in two parts.

Above is a quick mock-up of what I’d like Album 3 to look like. Yes, that’s right, it’s a double album! Honesty, and Honesty Part II. I know it doesn’t sound particularly original, but you’ll find, on closer inspection of my lyrics, techniques, vocal style and such-like, that both sets of songs fit the same title, just coming from different angles.

Honesty is kinda country-ish lyrically. There’s nothing in there that doesn’t come directly from my own experience. I find it difficult to sound genuine when I don’t… Either way, Honesty will be very easy to listen to, perhaps I will even be accused of sounding ‘boring’!

Honesty Part II is on the other end of the scale. Here, musical experimentation is the focus and you may even think to yourself, “is this really the same person that sang those pretty little harmonies on ‘Sometimes’ back in the day?” Yes, faithful listeners, yes it is… Be prepared for some confusion, and perhaps to be made uncomfortable. I’ve decided if anyone is going to like me, it has to be for the crazy messed up person I am, and not some image I’ve made for myself that I know people will find easy to swallow.

So, there you have it! I’ve always had a dream, but now I see my goal has materialised in front of me. It’s not a mirage, it’s a name for my project! Now I am no longer writing two albums, but one, kind of like a left lung and a right lung.

Distribution-wise, it might be best for me to release and sell them separately, or maybe even make a special offer of both CDs for less than the two bought individually. Oh, ideas do abound this afternoon!

Catch-ya later, sweethearts. Also, if you get time and you’re as addicted to Twitter as most 13 to 29-year-old internet users seem to be right now, do check me out and follow me if you find me interesting.


Happy Easter!

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