Vox Artis: Getting Over It

I finished a track for Vox Artis tonight!

It’s a flippin’ triumph!

It’s that cover I was talking about doing literally more than a year ago. In some ways I’m glad it’s taken this long, and that I did it after my work with Glitter Punch Project, because I’m a lot better at vocal delivery now. I think I wouldn’t have been able to do the song justice.

I’ve also nearly completed work on a video to accompany the song. My idea is that when I inform the brilliant Andrew Pants of my homage, that he’ll have some pretty pictures to look at while he listens. Then, of course, I need to get permission if I want to include it on the release… *twiddles thumbs nervously*

I want to release Vox Artis end of February/beginning of March. Somehow completing this one track has filled me with hope that I might just make that deadline.

It’s going to work like this: I have pared down the track listing to tracks I was almost done with anyway and left the ones with serious construction needs for another day. But, because I’m such a giving and generous soul, I’ve decided to stick a few bonus tracks in there from my older Caryl-ie repertoire. These will be Cry Holy, Maybe Now, and This Chance (Acoustic).

The eight other tracks will be my own brand of electronica. Not entirely sure of the order, but these tracks will be Sleeping Beast, State of Alert, 12:26, Messing With My Mind (Feat. James Mercer), Micropause, Primary Concern, I Might Have Heard Your Words (Pants willing) and an instrumental called Aftermath.

This release will be an experiment in the independent.

I will have arranged, recorded or otherwise produced every note on this release. I will be getting the distribution and promotion sorted myself. It’s going to be far from perfect, but it is going to be 100% my own. I suppose it’s my way of saying goodbye to the years I spent in creative solitary confinement.

I want to start collaborating a lot more.

Glitter Punch Project ripped the roof off my lonesome safe-haven. I’m a musical hermit no more, and happy to be able to say so. I’m tired of the songs I cradled in my alone time. I want to finish them, get them out, have a few people enjoy them. But most of all I want to prove to myself that it can be done.

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