More Progress

The idea hit me last night… Why do I need to write two albums, when I already have one?

I was pondering Coldplay’s X and Y album and remembered that it was one album with tracks organised in under the headings ‘X’ and ‘Y’ on the back. It dawned on me that all I needed was to select 7 ‘Honesty’ tracks and 7 tracks from ‘Honesty Part I’ and bung them on the same disc.

This is very good news to me as it makes a lot less work, and will cost less money to manufacture and distribute. Below is a preliminary look at some possible tracks:

Part I
By Your Side
Don’t Look Down
Old Friend
Maybe Now
When You’re Ready

Part II
Sleeping Beast
Hour of Need
Fine Line
In My Hands
Restore (Desert Remix)

Hooray! Successful Caryl is successful!

On another note, be sure to watch the video below and check out Most Wednesdays on YouTube.

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