To Enjoy The Things You Love

Episode 2 screen shot
Getting just a little confidence back.

I’m snuggled up in the Archer household. We’re all playing laptops and smartphones. The fiberoptic Christmas tree is doing its thing. The little dog is asleep between my father- and sister-in-law.

Thinking back to before the weekend I was so stressed out about so many things. Now everything seems to have sorted itself out. Dave’s family have a habit of making you feel that way…

So, the second episode of Inside the Mirrorball is up. People have been watching it and asking me stuff which is cool. Got a nice range of questions for the video Q&A session next week. I’ve also prepared what I’ll be filming this week for this ‘surprise’ I’ve been talking about. It’s turning out really well so far, so I hope you like it. I think you will. It’ll show a different side of GPP.

There’s only two weeks left to go now before the release.

How am I feeling? Good, actually. I’m happy with the work we’ve done, and to be honest, I’ve listened to the album so hard that I’m beginning to become deaf to it. There aren’t any glaring mistakes poking out at me while I listen, so I think we’ve crafted a good record. I’ve learned to suspend my tendency to consider everything I do utter rubbish. A handy skill when you need to start showing your work to a wider audience than the people living in your house. I’m slowly clawing back some confidence and sensibility.

That’s spilling over quite nicely into my vlogging. I’m treating these videos a bit more like a ‘show’, I guess. More structure, bit better thought out. It’s nice to feel like I’m enjoying the things I love once more.

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