I’d like to take this blog to explore the meaning of a new word I am using in relation to my creative output.

As you may already have seen, I made a video blog describing what I meant by the term Polymuse. Do have a little look, mostly because I show a snippit of my latest art piece at the end.

I am currently going through the footage I took of me painting this piece. It’s entitled Show Yourself. That should be up next week some time. But, for now, I’m gathering my resources to decide how this whole Polymuse thing is going to play out.

So far I’ve got the following projects lined up:

  • Show Yourself – Time lapse art piece
  • Show Yourself II – Footage of the finished piece
  • Hour of Need – Original song written in 2005
  • A Slice of the CarylCake Season 2, Episode 2 – A Music Practice Wedding Gift

As you can see, the Polymuse approach produces a whole range of different works. But I want to try to give them all the same feel, the same Cakey quality that will keep my subscribers and external viewership something to write home about. Yes, Polymuse must permeate everything I do from this point on.

Well, that’s about all I can tell you so far. I’m really excited to get started, but I’ve had so many problems with finance of late that job hunting and sorting out benefits has been a priority. I need to manage my time better…

Here’s to organisation!


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